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Cameleon Series 3

Tracked sidewalk tractor

Simplify sidewalks and walkways winter maintenance operations with the New Cameleon® Series 3. The Cameleon® Series 3 sidewalk plow has all the key features for outstanding performance. The combination of its powerful engine, a robust track system produces an unequaled pushing power. In addition, its two-speed hydrostatic transmission system and the joystick steering amplify the dynamic behavior of this sidewalk maintenance vehicle.

The Cameleon® Series 3 is an essential vehicle tool for sidewalk snow clearing operations, allowing municipality maintenance crews to cover more distance with less equipment. With its compact format and track propulsion system, the Cameleon® Series 3 is ideal for narrow sidewalks and tight spaces. Download the product brochure below to discover all the advantages offered by this new generation of sidewalk plow.

  • A powerful engine. Push heavy loads without slippage.
  • Joystick steering. Easy to operate and improve operator posture.
  • A robust construction. Reduce breakdowns .


Main Features

The most powerful sidewalk plow is equipped with a 121 hp Diesel engine

A 121 hp powerful engine

Driven by a Tier 4 Stage 5, 90 kW (121 hp) Diesel engine, the Cameleon® Series 3 is the most powerful sidewalk tractor on the market.

Joystick Steering

The traditional steering wheel is replaced with a joystick, as found in heavy machinery cabins. This new feature improves maneuverability and allows a comfortable and natural working posture reducing operator fatigue and increasing safety.
RPM Tech Cameleon sidewalk tracked vehicle

Heavy-Duty Construction

The robust construction and quality components provide the Cameleon® with superior resistance to breakage and ensure its durability.

Innovative Security Parameters

In order to prioritize the safety of operators and pedestrians, the Cameleon® Series 3 driving speed is limited to 12km/h when the attachments are in operation, and automatically deactivates and/or raises them during travel mode. Breakdowns are also reduced.
Rugged tracks mounted on the Cameleon sidewalk plow

An optimal traction

The two robust rubber tracks of the Cameleon® Series 3 provide greater traction than a wheel system. Whether on a thick layer of snow, an icy surface, or sloped terrain, the Cameleon® Series 3 can push and pull a greater load without sliding.

Easy maintenance

Flap doors on the hood and the tilt-over cabin allow easy access to the main components.

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Technical Specifications

Ideal for

Sidewalks and walkways winter maintenance operations


Cat® 90 kW (121hp) C3.4 Tier 4 Stage 5 turbo Diesel engine

Cabin height

2,219 mm (87.4 in)

Overall width

1,300 mm (51.3 in)

Overall length

3,492 mm (137.5 in)

Turning radius

0 degree

Hydraulic system

Maximum operating pressure of 152 bar (2,200 psi)

Towing capacity

2,722 kg (6,000 lb)

Popular options available

• Standard snow plow
• V-plow
• Snow blower
• Compact back spreader
• Trailer spreader
• Seat equipped with pneumatic suspension
• High flow hydraulic outlet

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