12 December 2022

SnoGo, a new line of snow blowers

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In partnership with our sister company Wausau Equipment, RPM Tech product specialists now have a new line of SnoGo snow blowers to offer.  This new product line features unique attributes such as a hydro-mechanical drivetrain, reverse rotation capabilities of the augers and impeller, and a split modular frame.

Compared to a mechanically driven snow blower, the SnoGo transmits the engine power hydrostatically to the rotating components of the blower head, eliminating the need for shear pins, gear boxes and clutches.

SnoGo snow blowers are designed to be mounted on the front of a wheel loader and are available in a variety of models, ranging from 2000 to 4000 tons per hour.

Contact our sales office now to speak with one of our representatives.

Visit Wausau Equipment website to learn about the SnoGo snow blower model range

SnoGo ProBlast 2000 souffleuse hydro-mecanique pour chargeurs sur roue SnoGo ProBlast 3000 souffleuse hydro-mécanique pour chargeurs sur roue
SnoGo ProBlast 4000 souffleuse amovible pour chargeurs sur roue SnoGo LR44 souffleuses pour chargeurs sur roue