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RPM217 – 2,300 tons/hr

The most versatile

The RPM217 is a two stage, loader-mounted industrial snow blower for medium size wheel loaders. This self-contained and detachable model provides desirable performance and better reliability than other available snow blowers of similar size. With its 200 hp engine and oversize impeller casing, this snow blower attachent can remove up to 2,300 tons/hr of snow. The RPM217 is equipped with a high-performance transmission system designed to use the engine’s full power while minimizing energy losses and maintenance.

  • High-performance transmission. Minimize energy loss and maintenance.
  • An effective impeller. Use all engine power advantageously.
  • Rugged frame. Built to last.


Main Features

A high-performance transmission

Designed with as few components as possible, the RPM217 transmission is very reliable and transfers maximum power from the engine. The transmission includes a single gearbox, which minimizes energy loss.
Oversize impeller housing on the RPM217 loader-mounted snow blower

An effective impeller

With its large impeller casing featuring an unrestricted intake, more snow is fed to the impeller blades thus better productivity.
Heavy-duty frame RPM217 loader-mounted industrial snow blower

The most rugged frame

The triangular frame design composed of two (2) oversize beams on each side maintains the structure integrity during hard work and makes it more resistant to impacts.
entrainement claissique de la souffleuse industrielleRPM217

Chain drive system

The RPM217 snow blower is equipped with a classic chain drive system, a well know and proven system. It is also easy to get spare parts from local suppliers, if desired.
Embrayage d,urgence de la souffleuse industrielle RPM217

Emergency clutch engagement

In the event of a clutch failure, a lever allows for its manual activation to let you finish the job.
souffleuse amovible RPM217 deux stages

Easy maintenance

The tilt-up engine cowling, swing doors and well-thought-out mechanical design provide easy access to main components.

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Technical Specifications

Ideal for

Municipalities, snow truck loading, snow removal contractors, road maintenance, and airports
Hard packed, heavy, wet or fresh snow


Up to 2,300 tons/hour


150 kW (200 hp) turbo Diesel, Tier 4 Stage 5, Cat® engine
Tier 3 engine available on demand for areas outside North America

Cutting width

2,794 mm (110 in)

Working height

1,270 mm (50 in)


3,674 kg (8,100 lb)–fuel tank full, no coupler


Two stages with augers


Intermediate size wheel loaders of 1.3 to 2.3 m3 (1.75 to 3 cu yd) capacity *
Swing loaders
Ballast regulators

Telescopic loading chute


Side casting chute (impeller casing)


Casting ability

From left to right up to 46 m (150 ft)

Cutting Guides



Heavy-duty and distortion-resistant design, fully welded construction


Joystick and a black and white display screen

Popular options available

• Wireless remote control system
• Work lights
• Wear resistant carbide scraper
• Quick attach
• Skid shoes with carbide inserts
• Bolted ice breakers
• Trimay on the chute and/or the drum

*Note: The wheel loader recommended size is for guidance purposes only. The customer is responsible for validating the loader load capacity and tipping load with a loader manufacturer official sales representative in order to prevent damage and ensure safe operating conditions.

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