Loader-mounted snow blowers

P3500 – 5,400 tons/hr

Pure power

The P3500 is a single stage rotary fan type snow blower engineered to withstand arduous duties for prolonged periods of time in ambient temperatures down to -40 °C (-40 °F). Designed to be front-end loader-mounted, this mighty industrial snow thrower can crush and remove up to 5,400 tons/hour of all types of snow including wet, heavy, and hard packed snow. With its oversized 6-shovel impeller of 1,740 mm (68½ in), the P3500 can easily clear away large snowfalls and major snow accumulations.

  • High-performance transmission. Minimize energy loss and maintenance.
  • An effective impeller. Use all engine power advantageously.
  • Rugged frame. It is more resistant to impacts.


Main Features

A high-performance transmission

Designed with as few components as possible, the PS3500 transmission is very reliable and transfers maximum power from the engine. The transmission includes a single oversized gearbox, which minimizes energy loss.
P3500's oversize impeller housing can throw more snow

Able to cope with debris

More permissive than a two-phase blower, the oversized 6-blade impeller allows occasional debris and large pebbles to pass through and be cast away by the chute without causing too much damage to the blower.
Oversize impeller housing of the P3500 loader-mounted snow lower

An oversize impeller casing

With its large 1,816 mm wide by 584 mm deep (71½ in x 23 in) impeller casing, the P3500 is engineered to quickly clear large amounts of snow.
Back side of the P3500 loader-mounted snow blower

The most rugged frame

The triangular frame design composed of oversize beams, maintains the structure integrity during hard work and makes it more resistant to impacts.
P3500 loader-mounted snow blower - easy component access

Easy maintenance

The tilt-up engine cowling, swing doors grease zerks, and well-thought-out mechanical design provide easy access to main components.

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Technical Specifications

Ideal for

Road clearing, mining sites and mountain passes
Wet, hard, heavy or fresh snow


Up to 5,400 tons/hour


403 kW (540 hp) turbo Diesel, Tier 4 Final engine
Tier 3 engine available on demand for areas outside North America

Cutting width

2,959 mm (116 1/2 in)

Working height

1,905 mm (75 in)


8,000 kg (17,637 lb)–fuel tank full, no coupler


Single stage rotary fan


Large wheel loaders of 3.8 to 4.6 m3 (5 to 6 cu yd) capacity*

Telescopic loading chute


Side casting chute (impeller casing)


Casting ability

From left to right, up to 39 m (130 ft)

Steering vanes

Hydraulically operated


Heavy-duty and distortion-resistant design, fully welded construction


Joystick and a black and white display screen

Popular options available

• Wireless remote control system
• Working lights on the snow blower body
• Quick attach
• Carbide chrome 60Rc plating on the impeller casing
• Arctic lubrication kit for continuous operation under -25 °C (-13 °F)

*Note: The wheel loader recommended size is for guidance purposes only. The customer is responsible for validating the loader load capacity and tipping load with a loader manufacturer official sales representative in order to prevent damage and ensure safe operating conditions.

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