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Oversized carrier trucks

Carrying your equipment to hard-to-reach places is now possible thanks to TOR carrier trucks. Custom-designed, they can be used both on and off highways. With multiple steering wheels and mechanical configurations, these carriers and superchassis vehicles provide exceptional maneuverability and all the power required. For example, carrying concrete pumps, aerial man-lifts, drill rigs, oil well maintenance equipment or nuclear waste has never been such an easy and unique driving experience. Go where you need to go with a TOR truck. You will reach unsuspected levels of amazement and satisfaction while complying with local transportation vehicle regulations. Many customers in domestic and international markets have chosen TOR trucks to meet specific needs that no one else could meet. Do like them!

Custom TOR cabover truck | 6 axles | On/off highway
Camion porteur TOR | Appareil de forage | Puits de pétrole
Concrete pump carrier | 7-axle custom TOR truck | RPM Tech

A world of possibilities

As TOR Trucks are custom and tailored to all application needs, they can take the form you want depending on the power and efficiency needed.


  • Ready to be mounted with your equipment
  • C channel and welded I beams
  • Anchor holes drilled at specific placess
  • Ring gear mount option
  • Plug and play electrical harnesses


  • Variable quantity
  • Steering axles (tridem axles in the front and in the rear)
  • Selection of loading capacity


  • Assortment of CARB and EPA industrial and automotive engines or complying with other local regulations

Suspension types

  • Air
  • Leaf spring
  • Walking beam

Transmission types

  • Allison (automatic)
  • Roadranger (standard and automatic)
  • Any other manufacturers

Braking system

  • FMVSS and CMVSS certified*

*Note: All trucks are tested and certified to be safe in operation when equipped with the customer’s equipment.

Possible applications

TOR custom carrier mounted with an aerial plateform
4-axle custom trucks

Public utility vehicles and aerial platform chassis

TOR aerial man-lift chassis are designed for comfort, maneuverability and performance both on and off the highway. These trucks include a fully finished cab interior with easy access to all controls. The frame is a bolted channel design made from T-1 high tensile steel. The front drive steer axles are used in combination with a TOR truck load equalizing leaf spring suspension. Rear steers are available.

  • Highway legal
  • Top highway speed of 105 km/h (65 mph)
  • Low cab-forward design
  • 8-wheel truck
  • 6- or 8-wheel drive option
  • Carrying capacity of 22,700 to 40,900 kg (50,000 to 90,000 lb)
  • Models: BC-8680, BC-8880, BC-8890 and T-8486
Foundation and oil field drill rig carriers | TOR truck
4- to 6-axle custom trucks

Foundation and oil field drill rig carriers

TOR drill carriers are designed to work under the most demanding conditions, in the extreme cold of the Arctic and the oppressive heat and humidity of the tropics. They are fitted with a tubular tandem type axle in front and a planetary drive axle in the rear. Our line of drill rig carriers has 8 wheels and is custom built according to your needs.

  • 4-, 6- or 8-wheel drive option
  • Carrying capacity of 22,700 to 45,455 kg (50,000 to 100,000 lb) depending on the model
  • Models: DR-64100, DR-8480, DR-8490, DR-8680, DR-86100, DR-8880 and DR-88100
Camion TOR | Porteur de pompes à béton | R.P.M. Tech
6- and 7-axle custom trucks

Concrete pump carriers

These powerful TOR custom vehicles with their high horsepower Diesel engines have power steering on the 3 front steer axles and the rear drive axles are mechanically coordinated and hydraulically powered. The rear steering is permanently engaged. Operators will appreciate the cabin equipped with full instrumentation, air conditioning, and a media player. TOR special carriers have been built for the most famous concrete pump manufacturers in the world.

  • Single or dual rear steer option on six-wheel drive models
  • GVWR of 54,545 to 68,180 kg (120,000 to 150,000 lb)
  • Models: T-63130, T-63120RS and T-73150RS
Custom TOR Truck | Crane and all-terrain carriers | Europe
4- to 8-axle custom trucks

Crane and all-terrain carriers

The basic unit features an 8-axle, 16-wheel steering and a computerized hydraulic suspension system. Microprocessor controls provide automatic leveling control for road travel and job site set-up. It is incredibly maneuverable, especially for a vehicle this size, with a wall-to-wall turning radius of 15.7 m (51.5 ft) over bumper.

  • GVWR of 200,000 kg (440,915 lb) off roads and 96,000 kg (211,640 lb) on roads
  • Top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph)
  • Model: M-250
Camion porteur de grues de parcs à ferraille | TOR
Engineered with two-drive axles

Scrap yards crane carriers

The TOR heavy-duty hydrostatic drive carriers are designed especially for use in scrap yards. They are engineered with two-drive axles for better maneuverability and are equipped with a swivel joint that gives the operator full-carrier control from the cab of the loader. Power comes from the loader’s hydraulic pump and the motor is mounted directly to planetary drive axles.

  • 60 tons to 100 tons in capacity
  • 4 x 4 to 8 x 4 drive configurations
  • Various drive mechanisms to choose from
  • Solid tires
  • Scissor type or fold-down type outriggers
  • GVWR of 68,000 kg (150,000 lb)
  • Top speed is approximately 12 km/h (7 mph)
  • Models: HD-4460 and 84100-HD
Extreme service oil field TOR truck | TOR trojan series
AxleTech planetary axles

Extreme service oil field trucks

The TOR TROJAN series of custom designed, 6 x 6 oil field trucks are specially manufactured to withstand the most extreme climates and rugged terrains anywhere in the world. Its powertrain, driveline, suspension, and chassis construction give it the ability to handle the toughest oil field desert operations.

  • 6 x 6 all-wheel drive
  • 432 kW (580 hp) C15 Caterpillar engine
  • Allison extra heavy-duty transmission
  • Fabco H.D. transfer case
  • AxleTech planetary axles
  • Chalmers custom design suspension
  • Wide range of options: severe service bodies, gin poles, winch packages, airlift fifth wheels, etc.
  • Model: 996 TROJAN
Transporteur d'équipement lourd | Camion TOR | RPM Tech
Planetary axles

Heavy equipment transporter

This TOR truck chassis is specifically engineered and manufactured to move extreme loads from point A to point B without compromise. This 6 x 6 all-wheel drive is designed to pull 907 200 kg (2,000,000 lb) on a level grade. It offers unmatched traction and grade ability in the industry. The frame structure and integral hitch mounted at the front and rear of the chassis are designed to link trucks together for compounded performance.

  • Cummins ISX15L engine
  • Allison transmission
  • Planetary axles
  • Model: HT66250
Nuclear waste transporter | TOR truck | Two-man cab
8-wheel with 8-wheel drive transporter

Nuclear waste transporter

Specifically designed for the transportation of nuclear waste, this TOR truck is equipped with a two-man cab featuring a tilt mechanism and full instrumentation. The unique ultra-low frame, suspension system, tires and special security features make this vehicle extremely safe and dependable for this very sensitive job. This transporter loads up to 75,000 kg (165,000 lb) in an 8-wheel with 8-wheel drive area.

  • 194 kW (260 hp) Cummins Diesel engine
  • Model: T62220
Tracteur Ro-Ro | Déplacement vite de remorques | Camion TOR
4- to 6-axle custom tractors

Ro-Ro tractors

TOR Ro-Ro tractors are designed for use in places where trailers, with various couplings, must be moved quickly and efficiently in a short distance. One of the important features of this truck is the fifth wheel that lifts hydraulically and is compatible with all coupling devices, allowing a faster and easy coupling. The cabin is designed for a single passenger and has a swivel seat, a back door allowing easier access to the coupling device and a side door for normal use.

  • 6 wheels
  • 4- or 6-wheel drive
  • Drawbar pull of 272,727 kg (600,000 lb)
  • Models: RO-64180 and RO-66180

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