VLB-98 tractor-mounted snow blower - PTO driven

The VLB-98 is built and designed to operate from the power take off (P.T.O.) and installed on a three point hitch tractor. This two stage dual auger unit can be used on any other tractor with power up to 131 kW (175 hp) at 2200 rpm.

With its snow removal capacity of up to 1600 tons per hour and ability to load trucks via the telescopic loading chute, this unit is ideal for the private industry.

A heavy-duty version is also available.

VLB-98 Heavy Duty

Summary technical specifications

Ideal for:
Towns, snow truck loading, snow removal contractors  Bouton RFQ anglais
Capacity: Up to 1600 tons/hour
Carrier power: Up to 131 kW (175 hp) at 2200 rpm  Download technical data
Cutting width:
2540 mm (100 in.)
Working height: 1220 mm (48 in.)
(fuel tank full)
1470 kg (3240 lb)  
Power take-off: 1480 Series U-joints, rotating at 1000 rpm
Type: Two stage, dual solid auger and 5-shovel impeller  
Loading chute:
Casting ability: From left to right, up to 38 m (125 ft)
Steering vanes: Fixed  
Frame: Heavy-duty and distortion resistant design, fully welded construction
Carriers: Tractors

Popular options available

Chute extension Working lights on the chute  Hydraulic steering vanes

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