P3500 loader-mounted snow blower - Pure power!

The P3500 is a single stage rotary fan type snow blower engineered to withstand arduous duty for prolonged periods of time in ambient temperatures down to - 40°C (-40°F). Designed to be front-end loader-mounted, this mighty industrial snow thrower can crush and remove up to 5000 tons/hour of all types of snow including wet, heavy, and hard packed frozen snow. With its oversized 6-shovel impeller of 1740 mm (68 ½ in.), the P3500 can easily clear away large snowfalls and major snow accumulations.

Standard unit features include a side casting chute and hydraulically operated steering vanes.

Summary technical specifications

Ideal for:
Road clearing, snow dump sites, airports  Bouton RFQ anglais
Capacity: Up to 5000 tons/hour
Power: 403 kW (540 hp) turbo Diesel, Tier 3 engine  Download technical data
Cutting width:
2959 mm (116.5 in.)
Working height: 1905 mm (75 in.)
(fuel tank full)
7961 kg (17,550 lb)  
Type: Single stage rotary fan, 6-shovel high capacity impeller  
Telescopic loading chute: None
Side casting chute (drum):
Casting ability: From left to right, up to 39 m (130 ft)
Steering vanes: Standard: hydraulic  
Frame: Heavy-duty and distortion resistant design, fully welded construction
Skid shoes: 6  
Scraper blades: 2 reversible, 1 non-reversible
Controls: Joystick and a black & white display screen
Carrier: Medium to large wheel loaders

Popular options available

 Working lights on
  the snow blower body
Arctic lubrication kit for continuous
  operation under -25°C (-13°F)
Carbide chrome 60Rc platting
   on the chute and/or the drum
Quick attach Wireless remote control system